Laborers' - Employers' Cooperation and Education Trust Fund

Employer Trustees
Leonard Dempsey (GCLA), Chair
Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co.

Deron Matsuoka (BILA/GCLA), Secretary
Albert C. Kobayashi, Inc.

Kenneth Kobatake (GCLA)

Mark Tamashiro (BILA)

Fund Counsel
Randal Yoshida

Yoshida & Associates

Union Trustees
Peter Ganaban, Co-Chair
Laborers' Union Local 368

Alfonso Oliver
Laborers' Union Local 368

Joseph Yaw
Laborers' Union Local 368

Orlando Paeste
Laborers' Union Local 368

Collection Attorney
Ashley K. Ikeda, Esq.
Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld

Luther Beck
Central Pacific Bank, Trust Division

Fund Auditor
Troy Atkinson
Alex Miller
Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., LLP

Brian Lee

Mark Matsumoto
Construction Compliance Officer/ Research and Development

Joy Kimura
Program Specialist
/Government Affairs and Compliance

Plan Administrator
Alton Komori, Administrator
Dean Kimura, Co-Administrator

Clinton Takahashi, Account Executive Pacific Administrators, Inc.

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