Health and Welfare Fund

Employer TrusteesUnion Trustees
Russell Nonaka (LAH), Chair,
Takano Nakamura Landscaping Co.
Alfonso Oliver, Co-Chair,
Laborers' Union Local 368
Mark Tagami (GCLA), Secretary,
Ralph S. Inouye Co., Ltd.
Toni Figueroa,
Laborers' Union Local 368
Anacleto Alcantra,
Group Builders, Inc.
Peter Ganaban,
Laborers' Union Local 368
Claude Matsumoto (BILA)Mark Matsumoto
Karl Kamada (MCAH),
Affiliated Construction, LLC.
Narsi Ganaban,
Laborers' Union Local 368
Fund CounselCollection AttorneyPlan ConsultantFund Auditor
Randal Yoshida,
Yoshida & Associates
Ashley K. Ikeda, Esq.,
Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld
John Botsford,
Troy Atkinson,
Eide Bailly LLP
Alex Miller,
Eide Bailly LLP
Plan AdministratorCustodianDirector of Health Care Management
Alton Komori, Administrator, Pacific Administrators, Inc.Cody Walker,
Central Pacific Bank, Wealth Management Division
Clinton Takahashi, Co-Administrator, Pacific Administrators, Inc.
Michelle Sasaki, Account Executive, Pacific Administrators, Inc.